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#1 2019-01-06 02:05:47

Mike Demiurge
Head Editor
Registered: 2018-12-18
Posts: 254

#1 Medicare drug for allergies

What is the best prescription drug for allergies that happen in the spring in the northeast?  Allergies are common in the Spring and summer seasons. What Medicare approved drugs can relieve the symptoms?


#2 2019-02-19 23:49:46

David Wethington
Registered: 2019-02-01
Posts: 101

Re: #1 Medicare drug for allergies

I'm not sure the #1 Medicare drug in the northeast, But in Kentucky the best drug covered by Medicare is Xyzal.
It's available by Prescription and combats sneezing, running noses and Itchy eyes.  Most Medicare Prescription Drug plans will cover Xyzal, Check with your doctor.


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